Alfa Romeo 145/146 History 1994>2000

Alfa Romeo 145/146 History

1994-1996The Alfa Romeo 145 was presented on the Turin motor show in 1994. It is the first production Alfa Romeo created at the “Centro Stile” under the direction of Walter da Silva. The 145 was based on the Tipo floorpan and it was only available with a three doors body.

alfa 145 alfa 145

The Alfa 145 replaces the 33 but keeps its range of boxer engines. The 1.3 IE (named 1.4 IE in some countries like Germany and Spain) have the 90 bhp engine of the 33 1.3 IE. The 1.7 16V has lost 3 bhp and now develops 129 bhp. Between the 1.3 and 1.7 litre Alfa Romeo positions the new 1.6 IE (derived from the 8-valve 1.7 on the 33) with a capacity of 1596 cm³ and 103 bhp. Quickly (still in 1994) there is a new diesel, the 2.0 TD with a capacity of 1929 cm³ and 90 bhp. In 1995 the range is completed by the new 145 2.0 QV (Green Cloverleaf) with 2.0 Twin Spark 16V engine and 150 bhp.

The Alfa Romeo 146 (a five-door version of the 145 with longer boot) was launched in 1995. It offers all the equipment and engines of the Alfa 145. Design and structure of the front ends are both the same, but from the A-pillar back the two cars are different. The range topping 2.0 Twin Spark version is called ” ti ” for tourismo internationale.

alfa 146 alfa 146b

It is characteristic the design of the dashboard, giving the front passenger more leg room and the side airvents integrated into the doorpanels.

alfa 145 interior1 alfa 145 interior2


In November of 1996 all remaining boxer engines are replaced by a new generation of four cylinder in-line Twin Spark 16V engines with a capacity of 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 litres and 103, 120, 140 and 150 bhp. The 2.0 Twin Spark was in use since 1995 at the 145 QV and 146 ti. The 1.4 was specially created for the Alfa 145/146. The introduction of the Twin Spark engines was accompanied by various suspension and steering tweaks, including the much more direct steering similar to that used on the revised 155. The dashboard receives a little facelift, replacing the airvents by round ones.

alfa 146 interior1 alfa 146 interior2


In 1999 the car was again modified. Changes include new shape body coloured bumpers, new radiator grill and chrome details at the interior (door handles, airvents, instrument bezels and handbrake button). Color range is revised too. The 1.8 and 2.0 Twin Spark 16 valve engines are updated from the Alfa 156 engine range and now develop 144 and 155 bhp. The turbodiesel engine is replaced by the 1910 JTD (105 bhp) from the Alfa 156. The Alfa 145/146 production ends in the year 2000 when the Alfa Romeo 147 is introduced.

alfa 145a 1999 alfa 145b 1999
alfa 145a 2000 alfa 145b 2000

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