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Amazon FUEL –  Anywhere in 1 hour!

Its here, the revolutionary vehicle fuel delivery service from Amazon has finally arrived.

amazon fuel

Amazon have launched their new fuel service called AmazonFUEL. It promises to deliver petrol and diesel to you anywhere in the country within 1 hour. 

The service is totally unique and a giant departure from the traditional method of driving to the service station to get your fuel.

Amazon is always aiming to get products to its customers as quickly as possible. Some countries can have parcels delivered within 2 hours of placing orders, and they have been working on having deliveries made via airborne drones too. But AmazonFUEL is a step into a new sector and has been a few years in development and finally the fuel can now come to you instead of you going to it.

Amazon have spent the last few years building up their fuel delivery network and at launch are able to offer very competitive regional prices for their fuel. You should only expect to pay a few pence more per litre compared to your nearest service station.

All that the customer needs to do is place their order for fuel via the Amazon mobile app, confirm the delivery address and Amazon will deliver the specified fuel to you within the hour.  There is also a dedicated phone number for customers that don’t use the phone app.

Amazon did try combining the FUEL service with their drone planes but after a few fatal accidents, they decided to go down the safer route of delivering by road.  Although they reverted to delivering fuel via road, they have come up with a revolutionary way of packaging it.

The new AmazonFUEL packaging  is both lightweight and space-saving, resulting in the use of smaller delivery vehicles and lower running costs.

AmazonFUEL Benefits
– Imagine being low on fuel whilst at home and not having to drive to the petrol-station to fill up. 
– No more wasting fuel driving to the petrol station.
– Remove your fuel cap and the delivery driver will even put the petrol or diesel straight into the vehicle for you.
– Have as many deliveries per day as you like.  This means you can improve your MPG because you won’t have to fill to the top with heavy fuel.
– If you are having a home delivery and you are not in when it arrives, the unique design of AmazonFUEL packaging will allow it to be posted through your letter box. 

AmazonFUEL Drawbacks
– Amazon FUEL is not a breakdown service and cannot help restart your vehicle if you have run it out of fuel.
– Maximum delivery per customer is 5 litres.
– AmazonFUELS unique packaging solution is a plastic bag.
– Due to ‘Fuel Transportation Regulations’ we cannot deliver real fuel.

Amazon fuel

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