How to fit Lexus Lights

lexus lights

So how do I fit my Lexus lights ?

As we said in the What are Lexus lights article fitting aftermarket lights is one of the simplest and most effective styling mods you can carry out yourself.

The instructions that we are about to give you are generic, meaning that they will be suitable for most vehicles.

If you have a Haynes Manual for your car, it should also show you info on how to remove your rear lights.

What should be included with my Lexus lights ?

If you buy lights from a reputable source and don’t just go for the very cheapest you can find, you should get the following in the box ;

1. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS – decent ones that are specific to your car.

2. BULBS – however in alot of cases the bulbs out of the original lights are used.

3. WIRING – there should be a small wiring harness that goes from each
bulb holder to a large connector. This connector should be the same as
the one on your current wiring harness so it plugs straight in.

In some cases, wiring is not included. This is probably because the bulb holders from your original lights wiring will fit straight onto the new Lexus lights. This will be covered below.
What tools will I need for fitting Lexus lights?

With the majority of cars, you won’t need very much at all.

Normally all you will need is a ratchet and probably a 10mm socket. You may need a long reach (deep) socket if the bolts holding the lights in place are quite long.
fit lexus lights

how to fit lexus lights
Deep socket (prob 10mm)

lexus lights
You may be able to get away with using an
open-ended spanner if you have the space to fit it in

You could probably reach into most cars using a pair of pliers but these are not the correct tools for the job and are famous for causing the removal of skin from knuckles.

Some cars do not need any tools to remove the rear lights. They use plastic type ‘wing-nuts’ to hold the lights onto the bolts.

Lexus LIghts fitting guidance ;

FIRST THING, make sure your lights/indicators and ignition are OFF.

When you take the new lexus lights out of the box, you will notice that they are the exact same shape as the original lights on your car.

On the back of your new lights there should be some bolts sticking out of the back ;

fitting lexus lights

These should be identical to those on the back of your original lights.

1. Open up the tailgate (or boot lid) so that you can get to the back of your lights.

Choose which side you want to change first.

2. There will most likely be some form of cover that will need to be opened or unclipped so that you can get to the back of the lights. Remove this cover so that you can see them and the lights wiring.
lexus lights

3a. If your new lights came with wiring then look along the wiring (you may need to get your hand in there and work back from the bulb holders) and find the big connector block/plug.  Pull it apart (there may be clips on it) as it is made from two sections. Now your light is free from the wiring.

3b. If your new lights did not come with wiring then you will need to remove the bulb holders from the light cluster. Where the wiring goes into the rear of the light, this bit is called the bulb holder (it holds the bulb). This piece of plastic will either pull out or unscrew (normally unscrew) complete with the bulb. See image below ;
lexus rear lights

Make sure that you remember to positions of each bulb holder. It might be an idea to label each holder before you take them out.

4. Get your ratchet or spanner (whatever will fit in there) and undo the nuts holding the lights onto the body of the car.  Take care when you remove the last one as the light may fall on the floor. Either reach around and hold the light whilst undoing the bolt or get a mate to hold it for you.

5. Once the last nut is off, you should be able to remove the light cluster from the car.

6. Take your new Lexus light and fit it back in place of the original light.

7. Fitting the new Lexus lights should be a direct reversal of the above steps, so refit nuts and refit the wiring.

8. At this point (before changing the other side), I would turn on and check that the new light cluster is working OK.  Check that all of the lights operate correctly.

9. Repeat the above stages for the lights on the other side.

10. Finally refit the panels inside the boot, close the tailgate/boot lid and ;

11. Take your new lights for a spin ………..

Where to buy QUALITY Lexus style lights

I would strongly suggest you have a look at AMAZON for their range of car styling accessories and other stuff.   AMAZON sell good quality stuff, their reputation depends on it, and even the third party sellers on there have to be good, or else they would get kicked off the AMAZON site (reputation again).      There are many online shops selling rubbish and that have a rubbish after-sales / customer service – BE AWARE – get recommendations that’s always a good idea.

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