Glow in the dark wheel paint

Glow in dark painted wheelsSomeone has coated their wheels in some pretty impressive glow in the dark wheel paint. Apparently it will glow for up to 10 hours from natural daylight. 

We agree that it isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. Just because it is eye catching doesn’t make it a good mod that everyone is going to be rushing to get hold of. So what do you think ;

Adjustable car window tints !!

Adjustable window tints

Is this shit for real? Imagine being able to turn your window tints on and off or adjusting the darkness.

One day, and maybe very soon, this post will seem really stupid and adjustable window tints will be a thing of the past – But for now ……. WOW !!

The film that is fitted to the cars windows is wired up to the vehicles battery and when a voltage is applied to it, the tint goes darker. So this means that you can have the tints operated via remote control if you wanted. 

You could turn it off at night for safer driving and back on again in the daytime.

Just imagine what fun you could have with this on your motor.


Ford Focus 4×4 Offroader

We recently posted a photo on Facebook of a off-road Ford Focus that someone had built. Now we expected this creation to go down like a cup of cold sick, and not be very well received.

How wrong we were, people in the Ford Focus group loved it. The comments about it were so positive that we decided to do a bit more digging around to see what else we could find out.

image image image image

We found an article about this 4×4 on the Jalopnik website from back in 2010. Not much is said about it other than it was for sale on eBay and was a cross between a Ford Focus and a Toyota Pickup.

So we kept looking and found another almost identical vehicle, it was from a forum thread and it just said that it had Totota 22R running gear. Here are the photos :

image image image image

So there we go, a little more info and a few more photos for ya. Hope you Focus guys and gals like em, if so then please like our FB page.

Lets here your comments about this beastie, and do let us know if you have any more info.