Do you own an eBay shop ?

If you own an eBay shop, then submitting content to CarBasics is the perfect way of getting  new customers to see your listings and buy your products.

Whenever you add posts to our site, we will display a range of your eBay listings that are relevant to the post at the bottom of the page like this ;

These eBay listings will be exclusively yours, we will not show listings from any other eBay seller on the content posts you have provided.

What are the long term advantages of submitting posts to us ?
You can write a post one week and it can bring you new visitors for years to come !

Even if your eBay listings change regularly due to a high turnover of stock, the advantages to your business remain the same.  Your eBay listings will always be relevant to the content of the post. If you originally provided a post about a Vauxhall Corsa suspension leg because you had one available, and you subsequently sold that part so it was no longer on eBay, the listings that would appear at the bottom of the post will continue to show other ‘Vauxhall Corsa’ parts that you are selling.  So you continue to get your relevant eBay listings shown to targeted visitors, and when you add more ‘Vauxhall Corsa’ parts to your eBay shop in the future, they will automatically continue to appear before potential new customers.

So the long-term advantages are that  you can write posts for CarBasics one week and they can bring you new targeted customers for many years to come.


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