Dom Toretto Sex Pillow

Are you a Lady Killer? If not, you soon will be!

Here at CarBasics we’ve been developing products  that will help you guys get laid.

Introducing the CarBasics – LadyKiller range!

These products have been scientifically developed and tested in the laboratory for maximum effect on the opposite sex.

LadyKiller products will defrost the most stubborn of icebergs, leaving only the wet patch to get frustrated about.

LadyKiller products are so effective that they come with an incest safety warning. When not in use, you must pack the products away securely just incase your mom or sister enter your bedroom.

The first LadyKiller product we would like to present to you is ;

The Dom Toretto Sex Pillow.

dom toretto sex pillow

With this badboy on your bed, you can almost guarantee that every babe you bring back to your crib will be turned into another notch on your bedpost.

If you want to turn that ‘almost guarantee’ into a ‘dead cert’, you need to combine the Dom Toretto Sex Pillow with the Dom Toretto Duvet Cover,

This is a knockout combo, and if you would like the details and pricing of this and other LadyKiller products then please enter your email address below ;

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