Ford announces new clothing range

imageFord are releasing a new range of clothing and accessories aimed at today’s typical Ford driver.

First to be released will be a range of trouser belts with the buckles made to look like the badge from your favourite motor such as Focus, Fiesta, ST and RS.

Ford decided to kick off the range with trouser belts as their data showed that most of their drivers were becoming fat bastards and needed help keeping their trousers up under their growing guts.

The buckles will not be made from actual car badges as they were not deemed strong enough to take the strain of most Ford drivers bellies. Reinforced versions will be produced and unlike many Ford parts, they will be less shit than usual and hopefully up to the job with the addition of ‘drivers prayers’.

A Ford spokesman stated that more products will be added to the clothing range very shortly. They were quite tight lipped about what new stuff there would be, but did say that there would be some cool headwear that would allow their drivers to know which end to wipe when they went to the bathroom.

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