ford focus aerial

Ford Focus Aerial Removal

There are many reasons why you may need to remove your roof aerial from your Focus, here’s how.

Maybe it’s faulty and you need to replace the antenna, or perhaps you are modding your Ford Focus and want to fit a shorter aerial or perhaps colour code the base.

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Taking the aerial off the car is not a difficult job and this article will explain how to do it and what tools you will need in as much detail as possible.

Ford Focus short aerialFord Focus aerial removal - bee stingFord Focus aerial base removal

Antenna Base Removal

Ford Focus aerial - expanded parts diagram
Here is a diagram showing the parts of a genuine Ford Focus aerial.
Some of the above parts sit on top of the roof and some are accessible
from inside the vehicle.

Step 1. unscrew the aerial mast from the base.
focus remove aerial - step 1
If you grip the aerial where the arrow is shown and rotate it anti-clockwise,
it should unscrew from the base.  This should then just leave you with the
aerial base like this ;

Ford Focus aerial base removal

Step 2. Removing the interior light.

removing ford focus interior light - step 2Interior light - step 2

In order to remove the rest of the aerial, you will need to access the rear of the interior light.

Removing the interior light

The front cover can be easily be taken down by firstly unclipping the edge nearest to the windscreen.  Inserting a screwdriver or any blunt object (I have heard of people using a coin) between the clear lense and plastic frame.  Once the front edge is unclipped, the same can be done with the rear.

Step 3. Disconnecting the interior light.

When you have completed step 2 and allowed the lense to drop down, you will see that ithas wires conected to it, se below ;
Remove Ford Focus interior light - step 3

These wires just connect via ‘push-in’ or ‘spade’ type connectors.  Just pull them apart.

Don’t worry about where to refit them later, as the spades are different sizes and can onlygo back in the correct positions.

Step 4. Removing the interior light plastic surround.

The plastic surround (or bezel) of the interior light needs to be removed.
Interior light surround removal - step 4

It is held in place on each side and these screws need to be removed and the
surround can then be removed.

Step 5. Removing the aerial cable and base.

Removing aerial cable - step 5
The aerial cable and aerial base (on roof) are held in place by a ‘Torx head screw’, T20 size we believe.

In order to remove these Torx screws, you will need a suitably sized Torx bit.

These are inexpensive, and can be purchased at most auto-shops or online. Here is a link to where you can buy Torx sets cheaply online.  It is probably best to buy a cheap set as there will be other places on the car where you can use them  –  Click here (opens in new window).

Once this Torx screw has been removed, the aerial base can be removed.

Step 6. Remove the antenna base.

Remove aerial base - step 6

Refitting of the aerial is a direct reversal of the above process.

If this was article useful, subscribe to our also useful Newsletter, you can read more about it here – CarBasics Newsletter

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