Ford “Scalded Cat” mode on Focus RS models

Ford Focus RS Ford launches scalded cat mode on Focus RS models.

Ford have announced that their newest version of the world famous Focus RS model will be fitted with an extra power mode.

With the press of the RS only button on the dashboard, the car will have access to an extra 40bhp that will last for approximately 6 seconds. This is said to be approximate time that a scalded cat will run at full speed for before it stops to lick itself. The “scalded cat” mode can only be used once per day and only from a stationary position. If you try to use the mode more than allowed, the vehicle will default into limp mode for 30 minutes and the engine will sound like it is coughing up a fur ball.

This new power upgrade is said to be more reliable than the previous ‘Cat on a hot tin roof’ mode, which was unsuccessful when trying to deliver extra power when the weather was not, erm, HOT.

Ford would not disclose the full details of how the extra power spike is achieved, but it is believed that it is done by pouring boiling water onto the engine cylinders.

The only downside to using “scalded cat” mode is when the engine is cold. Because the water temperature is critical, drivers said that it is like waiting for a kettle to boil.

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