Fuck, where’s me car? Mobile App.

Fuck where's me carFuck, where’s me car? Mobile App.

We have launched a new mobile phone app for when you have forgotten where you have parked your car.

Imagine having gone to that big shinny shopping centre for some new SuperDry clothing to make you into a better human being and in all the excitement you forget where you parked.

“Yeah, right! That’ll never happen to me because I love my motor more than my girlfriend”. In men, statistics prove that shopping kills the same number of brain cells as going out on a heavy session with your best mate Brian. This occurs even when shopping for youself, if you are with the missus, then the affects are at least doubled. It’s the loss of these ‘beershop’ brain cells that make you forget where you parked your beloved vehicle no matter how hard you polish it every other day.

Find car app

It’s like Grinder but for cars – Use the power of mobile technology and social media to get people in your area to help find your motor. All you need to do is install the app and enter your vehicle details. Then, when the terrifying moment occurs and you can’t remember where you car is, just hit the ‘TWAT’ button and an alert will be sent out to other FWMC App users within 1/2 mile of your present location. When they spot your motor, they hit their ‘TWAT’ button and you receive an alert showing you your vehicles location. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

“Thanks to the creators of this app, I have hit the ‘TWAT’ button on many occasions and been reunited with my baby in superquick time”.

“I’ve even gone shopping on the bus, forgotten and then spent an hour looking for my car. I used this app and then realised what a ‘TWAT’ I had been, HA HA”.

NOTE #1 – It is against the App Terms and Conditions to give false locations to ‘TWATs’. It is an abuse of our system to send loosers to the wrong spot. Anyone reported as “False Twatting” may be banned from partaking in future “Twattings” so please ‘TWAT’ responsibly.

NOTE #2 – It is against the App Terms and Conditions to use the “Fuck, where’s me car?” app when you have been drinking alcohol. If you are too pissed to find your car then it is suggested that you use our other “I’m too pissed, Giz a Lift!” App.

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