Funny eBay Car Listing – Famous Renault Clio

funny ebay car listingFunny eBay Car Listings – Original Renault Clio.

This is probably the eBay car listing that went the most viral. Dad selling his sons Renault Clio and is brutally honest about it.

Here is the original wording:

“This car belonged to my 19 year old son, who now has a new car, I can only apologise for the state of it , clearly he will treat his new one the same.

“OK , the passenger side has a large dent on it , were my son tried to climb the corner of my house , I did tell him that if he is going to insist on going back and forth on the wall the dent will get bigger !!! and the drive way is only 10 feet wide after all.

“The clutch is now slipping, again he did not know this, as loud music is the preferred thing, and could not hear it slipping, just wondered why it took him longer to get up a hill!!! still there is enough clutch left to get you home, I think?

“Surprisingly the electric windows still work well, considering the amount of times they go up and down calling to his mates, and banter with the passing girls, many of whom have been taken for rides in the car, which may explain the passenger seat not moving back and forth anymore, still makes it hard for them to escape his deafening music.

“There may or may not be any oil and water in the car, despite me repeatedly telling him to make sure it was maintained, I believe he thought this meant sitting in it on the driveway listening to his music whilst having a smoke, he would have washed it occasionally, but said ‘not really worth it now is it dad’, as its got a big dent on it!!! and anyway, surely I would know if it needed oil, the red light would come on!!, still he does have a brand new set of mats in the boot, bought when he first had the car.

“There may be the odd ripple in the front of the bonnet, but according to my son that was there when it was bought for him, and nothing to do with sitting and chilling on it, may be it was a better place to sit than the passenger seat!

“It does have the other alloy wheel in the boot, with a puncture, but if he gets another puncture he will use one of the other three on the car.

“The drivers seat has a hole in it, this was done killing time, whilst stuck on the side of the house performing modifications to the side of the car.

“The rear of the car is in fact a large dustbin for discarded fruit, and McDonald’s, not for carrying passengers, but still he says he’s loving it!!!

“Anyway if you think this car may be suitable for your son, please go ahead and buy it, its after all in the perfect state for any teenage lad, and will save them all the time and effort that my son has put in to it, getting it this way.

“It’s now down to me to dispose of this wonderful car I bought him many years ago, now he has a new one, he thinks that you just leave it parked on the side of the road until someone comes and takes it.

“Its not how he has treated the car since he has owned it that worrys me, its the fact that he now has a new 14 plate car, which incidentally will be coming up for sale in a similar state in some years to come, although he informs me he will look after this one because it has ‘no dents’, and is clean and shinny, and doesn’t need washing, to my surprise he went and bought a new set of matts for it, ‘there in the boot’, is this history repeating itsself?

“When I told my son I was selling it, because he now had a new car, he said ‘well who gets the money?’ I said me of course, but it won’t be much as the car has had it, to which he then replied, ‘that’s not fair, it’s a good car, nothing wrong with it,” and that he should get the cash.

“I offer absolutely no warranty with this car, and many thanks for looking.

“Nigel, a devoted father with much patience.”

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