History of Haynes

Haynes manuals are the most popular ‘Owners Workshop Manuals’ available in the UK.
Most car owners who undertake their own vehicle maintenance have probably owned one of these manuals at some time or another.

We wanted to create a place for people to view a history of every Haynes Manual ever created, so we contacted Haynes who very kindly gave us some old lists for us to work with.

So we scanned our lists into a spreadsheet, proofread all the entries and then went off into the wilds of the interweb to try and find as much information as we could.

What we have done is pulled together titles, descriptions, ISBN numbers and images from the very first manual which was book number 0001 for the Ford Anglia (1959-1968).

So if you fancy a bit of nostalgia or need more info on a hard-to-find manual, please have a look at what we have done so far.

Please feel free to add your comments, especially if you have any information that you can contribute.

Happy reading.

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