How to change SCV Valve on Mazda 6

SCV stands for Suction Control Valve, and it is the most common problem on mazda 6 models 02-05.

Symptoms are: car suffering with lack of power or cutting out at junctions, struggling to start when it’s cold.

If are experiencing these symptoms and your old unit has serial number 006, then it is this that is most likely faulty.

The SCV itself is located on the Fuel pump. To remove the old SCV you will need to unplug the two wire plug and then undo the two 5mm allen key bolts that hold the SCV to the Fuel Pump. Once you have done this you will need to pull out the old SCV. When you put the new SCV on you will also need to replace the ring as well. Once you have done this you will then need to put the two 5mm bolts back into place and tighten them. Don’t forget the plug. Job done!

SCV Mazda 6 pump change 1
SCV Mazda 6 pump change
Here is an image of the Denso fuel injection pump
Here is the actual SCV that may be faulty.
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