How to change your side repeaters

An excellent way of changing the look of your car and making it look more modern is to change your side repeaters from the standard ones (boring).

how to fit side repeaters
more side repeaters

And best of all about this modification is that it is cheap and easy to do.

On most cars, the side repeaters are amber in colour and the most popular modification is to change them for ‘clear’ items.

However, you can get them in ‘smoked’ and many other colours too.

Here are some examples of aftermarket side repeaters ;

fit side repeaters - golf mk4
fit side repeaters - crystal clear
side repeaters - astra mk3
more side repeaters

As we said, they are inexpensive and easy to fit.

What to look out for when buying side repeater

Don’t buy the cheapest side repeaters that you find.

You can get them from your local motor factors or from ebay for anything from £5 upwards. But bad fitment, no bulbs included, having to modify your wiring could all make the cheap side repeaters more difficult to fit that better quality repeaters.

ABC, In-Pro and Ultra are some of the most popular and well established brands of quality side repeater available.

Good quality side repeaters should be a direct replacement to your original items, should fit perfectly in place of your original side repeaters and come with everything you need to fit them easily and trouble free.

Quality fitted aftermarket side repeater

How do I fit side repeaters ?

All car manufacturers use very similar methods for fitting side repeaters to their cars.

Basically the side repeater is pushed into a hole in the cars wing and is held in place by clips that are part of the side repeater.

Side repeater retaining clip

The repeater is then connected to 2 wires running up the inside of the cars wing.

how to fit side repeaters

Here the original repeater has just been unclipped from the wing.

Your Haynes Manual should show you specifically how to remove the side repeaters from your car but as we said earlier on, all cars are very similar and I have removed alot of side repeaters and normally use option 2 (below) with a little care.

Option 1. Now on some cars you will be able to get your hand up underneath the wheel arch and reach the back of the side repeater quite easily. However on many cars, the manufacturers install a wheel-arch lining that will need to be removed before you can gain access.  This can be a pain, so if you can’t easily get to the back of your repeaters then I suggest using option 2.

Reach up to the back of the side repeater and press the retaining clip in so that it can be pushed out of the front of the wing. You can leave the wires attached.

From the outside of the wing, get hold of the side repeater in one hand and the wiring in the other and pull them apart. Keep hold of the wiring an don’t let it drop back inside the wing.

Get your new side repeater and plug the wiring into it and the press the new side repeater back in place in the wing. Make sure it is fully pressed in and that the retaining clips are holding it firmly.

All that is left to do it refit the wheel-arch linings if they were removed and repeat the process on the other side of the car.

Option 2. This option is best used if you cannot get to the rear of the side repeaters to press the retaining clips.

In order to get the side repeater out of the wing, you need to pull it far enough out so that you can gain access to the retaining clip.

There may be more than one retaining clip dependant on the car.

Get a flat screw driver or even a butter knife, you may laugh but a butter knife is much better to use as it is less likely to scratch your paintwork.

You need to get the knife/screwdriver and put it along the side of the repeater and prise it forward so you can access the retaining clips. Use the knife/screwdriver to press the retaining clip and at the same time pull the side repeater out of the hole.

Take your time and be patient. It may come out easily or it may take a little bit of fiddling but it WILL come out, so keep a cool head and you won’t damage your paintwork.


Take care when unclipping the original side repeaters. If you use a knife / screw driver or other tool to press the clips, take your time and take extreme care not to chip your cars paintwork.  It may be advisable to use a cloth or apply some masking tape so as to stop the tool from scratching the paintwork.

In addition to the side repeaters, some people also combine different front indicators, i.e. change their original front indicator and side repeaters for ‘clear’ or ‘crystal clear’ items to bring their car fully up to date.

Where to buy QUALITY side repeaters

I would strongly suggest you have a look at AMAZON for their range of car styling accessories and other stuff.   AMAZON sell good quality stuff, their reputation depends on it, and even the third party sellers on there have to be good, or else they would get kicked off the AMAZON site (reputation again).      There are many online shops selling rubbish and that have a rubbish after-sales / customer service – BE AWARE – get recommendations that’s always a good idea.

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