How to change your Wiper Blades

wiper bladesCar wiper blades are important, they help you see the road ahead by keeping you windscreen clean whatever the weather.

However, your car wiper blades won’t last forever, and motoring organisations like the AA and RAC recommend changing them every 12 month.

If your wiper blades are not working as well as they used to, then check out our video clips below and get them changed as soon as possible.

Changing wiper blades is only a 5 minute job and no tools are required.


  • 20% of of all road accidents are due to poor visibility,
  • faulty wipers could get you a £1000 fine if you are stopped by the police,
  • Damaged or worn out wipers are an MOT failure.

Have a look at these video guides below ;

This video is really helpful

So you have seen how easy it is to change them, so never let the garage charge you for doing such a simple job.  Think about road safety as well as points on you licence and get them changed as soon as possible.

 So where do I get replacement wiper blades and which are the right ones ?

Firstly, your car’s ‘Owners manual’ or a Haynes Manual will tell you the correct size wiper blades for your car.

Any high street car shop will sell wiper blades, alternatively you could buy online and and fit them when they are delivered to your door.

Make sure that you are buying good quality wiper blades, you want them to last through all of the bad weather they will get thrown at them.

One of the most reputable brands are BOSCH, that is why they are recommended by most motor manufacturers.


Bet you didn’t think of Amazon for your car parts, but they sell loads – even windscreen wipers (wiper blades).  Click here to have a look, their prices are GREAT !!

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