How to check your engine coolant

Engine coolant is extremely important to your car, especially because we live a country with very varied temperatures throughout the year. Engine coolant does two things one being that it helps to keep your engine cool and protects the engine in the summer from overheating. The other one being that in the winter it will stop your water in your engine from freezing up and damaging the engine- this is really costly.

Over the years engine coolant and anti-freeze have combined to become the same thing so by adding coolant to your engine you are also protecting your cars engine from freezing up in the winter, and lets face it none one needs a cracked block, which could run into thousands to repair. So in short by adding coolant to your engine you will stop your car overheating, freezing and also help the engine run better.

Here is how to check your engine coolant level

1. Make sure that your engine is cool, because coolant when hot expands therefore rising the level in the coolant reservoir this will give a false reading. Also from a safety point engines run under pressure, opening the coolant reservoir could cause the fluid to shoot out and burn you.

2. Open your bonnet and locate your coolant reservoir (the images below might help) it can be on the left or right of the engine bay on newer cars it may have a bright yellow cap it should say on nearly all cars “Engine coolant only”.

how to check your engine coolant

how to check engine coolant 2

3. You will notice that on the reservoir there are lines printed on it stating “MIN” and “MAX” the fluid in the reservoir should always sit above MIN and below MAX.

4. If the fluid is below or very near to low, unscrew the cap and top it up, if it is not then just leave it and remember to check it again in a few weeks time. Remember that if your car runs out of coolant it will overheat, if when you top your coolant and the level in the reservoir does not rise, you may have a leak somewhere.

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