How to fix a chipped windscreen

DONT IGNORE THAT CHIPPED WINDSCREEN,  I speak from experience   ……… 

 “oh it will be OK, it won’t get any worse” (fingers crossed).

But that chipped windscreen always does get worse   !!

fix chipped windscreen


Do you know how to change a windscreen ??

Do you have the spare cash to get a professional to change it ??

Anyone can fix a chipped windscreen, it is easy and cheap,
there are no excuses unless ;

You are LAZY !!

You are STUPID !!

You are VERY RICH !!


Chances are that if you are reading this, you are none of the above and just need pointing in the right direction,  RIGHT :o)

Windscreen repair kits

You can fix the chip yourself for around a tenner (£10) and AVOID having to pay the excess on your car insurance.

These windscreen repair kit come with everything you need, including instructions.

Many of these kits can be used more that once.
Repairs are complete in 20-30 minutes (ready to drive)

Basically, the windscreen repair kit includes a special resin that you inject into the crack.  It is a UV resin, which means that it will dry quickly in normal light conditions.

DONT FORGET a chipped windscreen is an MOT FAILURE !!

DONT FORGET a chipped windscreen could CRACK AT ANY TIME !!

Here is a video of the type of kit I have used before, its pretty straight forward and I have had much success with it ;

Have a look at some of these, click for more info NOW ;

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