How to submit a post

It’s really easy to submit content to us, just follow these simple steps ;

Make sure that you are logged in to the Content Member area and then visit your profile page by clicking the link on the right.

Once you are at your Profile page, click on ‘Posts’ in the top left, and then ‘Add New’ ;

The page should now look as per the image below ย ;

(please note that if the ‘add new post’ page does not appear, go to the bottom of the page and click ‘update profile’, you should then be able to add the new post – we are looking into this glitch).

You can add images into your posts (from your computer/phone) by clicking the ‘camera’ ;

When your post is complete, you can send the post to us by clicking ‘Submit for Review’ on the right ;

After your post has been submitted, it will be reviewed before it is published on the website. We will email you when it has been published and send you the link to it.

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