How to top up your engine oil

If you have read our article on How to check your oil and have found that it needs topping up, we have put together a short description of what to do.

Dependant on how low your oil level is will depend on how much oil you need. New engine oil is available from all motor-stores in a number of sizes.

If you are just topping up then you will probably only need a small bottle.


You will need to check in your owners manual or Haynes Manual to see what type of oil you require.

topping up engine oil

Have a look under your bonnet in the engine bay, and on top of the engine will be a cap with wording or pictures relating to oil on top of it.

The cap should unscrew anti-clockwise and allow you to pour your new oil into the engine.

MAKE SURE YOUR ENGINE IS COOL before you touch any part of it !!

How do I know how much to much in ?

Most bottles or containers of oil you buy from the store will tell you how much they hold, but more importantly will probably have a see-through section on the back of them with markings to show how much oil is in there.  A bit like the fill windows on modern kettles. So if your engine oil level is at the minimum mark and Haynes Manual states that it is 1 litre between the min and max marks on your dipstick (see how to check your oil level) then you will need to pour the new oil into the engine until the contents of the bottle has gone down by 1 litre.

Then you need to leave the car for a short while whilst all the oil drains down and then come back and do the checks described in the how to check your oil level

You should find that when you recheck the oil level it should now be back up to the maximum level.

Here is a useful video from Halfords that covers the checking and topping up process ;

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