Man too scared to get in car

imageA man says he can no longer drive or travel anywhere in a car for the fear of being stared at.

John Thomas, from the Midlands began getting paranoid when he noticed that his windscreen washer jets looked like little eyes glaring at him.

John was quoted as saying “when I first noticed it, I tried to laugh it off and ignore it. But everytime I got into my motor, they would just be there staring in at me”. The more he noticed it the more sinister they appeared to become,

Things quickly got worse for John, and it got to the point whereby he could no longer use the screen washers because the water looked “like lasers coming out of the little bastards eyes, trying to shoot me”.

The problem also persisted when he was a front seat passenger in his friends cars. When he got a lift to work, he would sit in the back and hide behind the drivers seat.

We decided to test the severity of Johns problem by sitting him in a vehicle on our office car park. This did not end well as our security had to intervene when he began beating the shit out of the cars hood with a traffic cone, our bad!

Johns condition is very rare and the good news is that he has now found a cure, “It was a simple one to be honest, I just purchased a Dacia Duster. These things are so shit that even screen jet washers are an optional extra, so I had one without them”.

Take a look at the photo below, we can’t see what Johns problem was, they’re not staring ………wait ……… 👀

Washer jets

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