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Mondeo MK3 TDCi Delphi injectors (2000 – 2007)

Mondeo MK3 TDCi Delphi injectors have to be coded to your car for them to operate. The injector should be supplied with this code, there is a 16 digit (Alpha/Numerical) C2i injector code on the label on the injector.

If your injectors develop a fault and you decide to have them reconditioned you will not have to re-code them back to your car as long as the correct injector is placed back into the same cylinder it was taken out from and the injector has not been issued with a new code.

On the injector label will be a code starting with “EJDR” e.g. EJDR00301Z. This code refers to the type of injector in your car, its basically a “delphi part number” for the injector that many companies work from.

If you replace your injector you will need to match up the EJDR number.

The Injectors with the number EJDR00101Z and EJDR00301Z are interchangeable. If you swap these injectors in your engine you need to remember that the 101Z injector has a rubber O-ring and the 301Z is fitted without one.

Below is a list of the different types of injectors fitted to which types of Mondeo MK3’s.

EJDR00101Z 2001 – 2003 2S7Q 9K546 AH 2.0 130
EJDR00301Z 2001 – 2003 2S7Q 9K546 AJ 2.0 130
EJDR00202Z 2001 – 2003 3S7Q 9K546 AA 2.0 115
EJDR00401Z 2001 – 2003 2C1Q 9K546 AB 2.0 130
EJDR00402Z 2001 – 2003 3S7Q 9K546 AB 2.0 115
EJDR00501Z 2003 – 2007 3S7Q 9K546 BB 2.0 130
EJDR00502Z 2003 – 2007 3S7Q 9K546 CB 2.0 115
EJDR00504Z 2003 – 2007 4S7Q 9K546 BD 2.0 115 / 130
EJDR00601D 2003 – 2007 5S7Q 9K546 AB 2.2 155

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