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Who are your customers ?

Car owners that perform their own vehicle repairs. Whether you are a new or used parts supplier there are more customers available to you, all that is missing is their know-how. The more diy knowledge available to car owners the less likelihood of potential customers going to a garage instead of sourcing a part from your business.

What is stopping you from getting more customers ? THEIR KNOW-HOW !!
So many car owners want to save money on car repairs by carrying them out themselves. The problem is that they do not have the necessary knowledge or confidence. The car owner then resorts to having the garage carry out the work instead of coming to you to buy the part.
What’s MISSING online is a resource of CAR DIY KNOW-HOW. 
There are plenty of car owners out there that need to save money on vehicle repairs and want to perform some of their own maintenance. But because they don’t have the know-how to replace the parts themselves they are forced to use a garage.

Example of a LOST SALE. 
Mike needs to replace the alternator on his mx-5. The garage want a small fortune to supply and fit a new one. What he would prefer to do is keep the cost down by getting a cheaper or 2nd hand alternator and fit it himself. The only thing that is stopping him is that he has never done this job before and needs to know how easy it is, what tools he needs and where to get the part from.If Mike had access to car DIY articles and parts information then he would be less likely to resort to using a garage and more likely to purchase parts from a business like yours.Where do we come in ?

Consider as your friend who is continuously growing your pool of new customers. With free access to our growing range of online car DIY articles, guides, tips and more, the numbers of car owners needing car parts instead of garage services will grow and grow.Our ‘Content Member Platform’ allows you to provide articles, images and advice whilst at the same time promoting your business and its all totally free.

“ is an online resource that gives car owners the knowledge and know-how they need to perform their own vehicle repairs”.

They can look at our articles and advice and decide for themselves if they want to do the job themselves or get a garage to do it.

Without this knowledge they don’t have a choice, it’s the garage every time. But with the know-how they can do the job themselves which means they will need to source the parts they need, and who better than the business that contributed or supplied the article.

All of the articles provided by our content members carry information about the author or the authors business. They can promote websites, numbers, ebay stores and even live ebay listings.

So whether it’s providing photos of an engine or engine bay, images of vehicles parts or a detailed writeup on how to change a certain part, they are all opportunities to promote your business and empower car owners to carry out more of their own car diy.

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