See how hard we work to promote your business ? has been online since 2006, and from the very first day, we have been bringing informative and valuable automotive DIY content to our visitors.  We have built up reliable foundations online with our ‘content is king’ philosophy, and this has resulted in our pages always performing well in the search engines. We currently receive over 10,000 visitors per month (Sept 2012), visitors that view many pages on our site.

We are constantly updating and improving our website, adding new features (such as ratings, author box), and will continue to work hard to ensure that our visitors get the best possible user experience and your posts are featured in the best environment.  If there isn’t a suitable category we will create one for it, we pride ourselves on working closely with our Content Members for the benefit of them and our visitors.

We will continually expand our website with new categories/sections in which to promote your business, and develop new content to continue to bring in more and more visitors to our website.

We promote posts from CarBasics via social media, meaning that your posts will get great exposure via networks such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the search engines. All the CarBasic posts include easy to use ‘share’ buttons so our visitors can quickly tell their friends about posts they like.

In 2012 we wrote a number of books for the RAC, titled ‘Simple fixes for your car’ and ‘First aid for your car’, available for sale by the end of the year. is featured extensively in these books and should bring in many more visitors to the website.

We are experienced in SEO (search engine optimisation) and review all post headings and post tags so that they are optimised to achieve the best search engine results and bring you as many potential new customers as possible.  We also regularly review our website statistics and the performance of your posts, and whenever we see opportunities for your business, we will let you know about it.  We also keep our Content Members up to date about when their posts are retweeted, mentioned or shared online.

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