Should I change my water pump ?

When your car is in for a cambelt (timing belt) change most garages will ask whether you wish to change your water pump. A simple question but an important one for your car.

What is a water pump?
The water pump circulates a mixture of water and coolant – also known as antifreeze – through the engine, through the radiator for cooling and then back again. This helps dissipate the tremendous amount of heat your engine produces and avoiding parts of the engine warping under heat stress.

Should I change the water pump when changing my cambelt?
The majority of water pumps are located next to the cambelt and can be changed in a matter of minutes once the cambelt is removed, this is why most garages ask you the question as replacing the water pump at a later date should it fail would mean the arduous task of removing the cambelt again, very labour intensive and expensive!

Most main dealers change the water pump as standard procedure when changing a cambelt.

How much does a water pump cost?
Prices vary pump to pump for different models but none will break the bank. As the pump is located right next to the cambelt garages may charge you for the pump and not the labour rate so here at we believe it is worth changing at the same time to avoid future costs should it fail.

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