What size tyres should be fitted to my car ?


Are the right sized tyres fitted to your car ?

Almost as important as having the right tyre pressures at all times, having the right size tyres fitted is essential for the safety of your vehicle.

Your insurance company will also expect your tyres and wheels to be the size as fitted by the vehicle manufacturer unless you have advised them otherwise – so check them out now !

Oh, and just because we haven’t mentioned tyre tread depth yet as being important, you know it is and there is no getting away from that. So make sure your tyres have plenty of tread on them, and if in doubt – get them changed.

The size of your tyres is written on the side of each tyre.  It is not necessary for you to know exactly what the numbers mean, just that they match. An example (see image below) would be 205 / 60 / 17. These numbers are ;
Tyre Width(mm) / Wall Height Ratio % / Tyre Radius (inches).

Here is a really useful tool to find out what size tyres should actually be fitted to your motor.

Just click here or on the image below, the service is run by eBay and is really helpful. Enter your vehicles details and the results will highlight what size tyres should be fitted to your car ;

what size tyre

All you need to do is enter the details of your vehicle, Make, Model, Year etc., then after you have clicked ‘Update Results’, just click ‘wheels and tyres’ from the left side of the screen.

(We are not sure if this link works on mobile. If you get the chance, please let us know via the comments section below.)

Know the size of your tyres ?
Enter your sizes below if you are looking for replacement tyres  ;

tyre size finder

Or Enter your Registration Number by clicking on the link below ;

size tyres

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