Solar powered car spoiler

Car spoiler solar powered

Car spoiler solar powered

The after-market spoilers fitted to cars often have little aerodynamic benefit, but the most recent design could at least do its bit for the environment.

The ‘Shelf’ is an extendable solar panel that stores away inside a rear mounted wing, which also serves to improve the car’s traction and stability.

The solar panel unfolds over almost the entire area of the car and is secured to a clip on the bonnet.

Leon Zhu, said of his design: “SHELF can not only shield your car from long exposure to sunshine, but can convert solar energy to electricity to drive the air-conditioner, taillight and other electronic equipment.”

The SHELF is an entry in a competition run by Design Boom.

The 62mph “Challenger” solar racing car, which harnesses the power of the sun using a 6m2 covering of high-efficiency silicon cells incorporated into its bodywork, recently won a 3000km race across Australia.

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