We don’t have enough time !

We have experienced businesses saying they are too busy to write content for us. We are happy for them as they are clearly too busy to handle any of the new customers their posts could generate for them, for free, and for many years to come.

We have now made it even faster and easier to add content to our website.
You can quickly and easily put your business in front of new customers by using your knowledge, experience and expertise to create really valuable and insightful content.

Businesses have said that they cannot afford the time to write content or take photographs, we argue that you cannot afford not to take up this opportunity.

May we also highlight that you are not writing content for us, you are writing for yourselves for the purpose of  promoting your business, on possibly the best platform available – CarBasics.co.uk

Your competitors are finding the time to write content and they are certainly reaping the benefits, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Consider that you may run costly adverts in papers, that only run for short period of time, to be viewed by only a handful of interested readers.  Now compare that to writing a short piece of valuable content, having it remain online permanently and displayed in front of 1000’s of interested readers – and all that is for FREE !!

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