What content can you write about ?

The number of posts you can submit to us is unlimited, the opportunities for promoting your business are endless.  The more useful posts you supply, the more new customer exposure you and your business will receive.

Here are just a few examples of areas where you can promote your business ;

Engine bay images –
We are creating the largest collection of engine bay images on the web.  We are collecting them and putting useful labels on so people can easily find their way around.

There are not enough stock engine bay images on the web, despite the high demand for them.  We want to fill this gap and also give you the opportunity to promote your business.

We will add the labelling, all you need to do is provide the images and the make/model/year information.  We will feature your business info, and display your relevant eBay listings if applicable.

Please ensure that your images are as detailed as possible, showing various angles and include the make/model/year.  Also, if the engine is fitted with an engine cover, a photo with the cover removed will be really beneficial to our visitors.

Car Parts –
There is massive opportunity for businesses to post content in our ‘Car Parts Guide’ sections.  These sections are specific to vehicles by make/model/year, so there is plenty of scope and the opportunities are constantly increasing with the introduction of new vehicles.

Our site visitors want to know as much as possible about the parts of their cars before they go ahead do any work or buy parts.  Providing images and information about parts specifically in relation to the cars they are from, has been proven to be a very popular with our site visitors and these types of posts on CarBasics perform very well in the search engines.

Example – A car owner needs to change the drop-links on their Ford Focus, they will want to see plenty of images (specific to their particular make/model/year) of what they look like, and perhaps where they are and how they fit. Providing this type of content will instill the car owner with the confidence that they can undertake the job, and your relevant eBay listings and business details will be shown exclusively within the content you provide.

Have a look at some of the current posts in the ‘Car Parts Guides’ that have been provided by existing Content Members.

Car Specific DIY articles –
These are by far the most beneficial type of posts to create and will bring your business many new customers for years to come.  As CarBasics continues to build on its reputation as an authority website, its pages continue perform extremely well in the search engines, and your business can be exclusively featured on them.

Examples – How to remove headlight from a VW Tiguan, How to remove door mirror from a  Citroen Saxo.

This is a perfect opportunity for vehicle dismantlers as this is work that they do, day in and day out.  Now you can put that work to good use and drive more visitors to your eBay listings and your business website.

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