What is a Battery Booster

battery booster
Battery Booster

Well this is what one looks like and it can save you a hell of a lot of time and convenience.  Car battery boosters are an invaluable piece of kit that every home should have, and they normally cost a lot less than car breakdown cover.

Car battery dead  =  need car battery booster

Nearly everyone has had car starting trouble, whether it is because of the bad weather or you did something silly like leave the lights on.  You are in a rush to get to work, you hop in the car, turn the key and …….

NOTHING  ……….try it again ……..

NOTHING ………….. bugger.

Now imagine if you could just pop back into the house, take the battery booster off charge, connect it up to your car battery, turn the ignition and HEY PRESTO you are off on your merry way again.

No embarrassing call to the breakdown guy or begging for a jump start (if you manage to find a neighbour that hasn’t already gone to work).

The car battery booster can be a life saver, and here is what it does ;

After buying your battery booster and having a read through the instructions, you connect it up to the mains supply in your house.

Now with nearly all car battery starters  you just plug em in and forget about them, and when that fateful day arrives, and it will, and you will be in a rush, and you will probably have a car full waiting to get somewhere, just go fetch it and attach it to the cars battery (black clip to the + and red clip to the – ) and the car should start.

What has been happening whilst that car starter has been connected to the mains is that you have been charging it up.  Inside it is a big battery with enough power to give your car battery a helping hand and get your motor back on the road.

They are clean and easy to use, and many come with lights, compressors and other gadgets on them to make them even better, some even plug into the cigarette lighter so you don’t even have to pop the bonnet…..how cool is that 🙂

Here is a very useful video ;

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