What is a HPI Check

Basically HPI vehicle checks are ‘Peace of Mind’ when buying a car.

vehicle check before you buy a car  vehicle check for peace of mind

Spending a few quid on a vehicle check before you buy your car will make you feel like that chappy up there :o)

This could be the result if you buy a new car without getting a vehicle check ;vehicle check - death trap
Think your new car will be safe in an accident !!

Not if your car has been in a crash before and then put back on the road when it should have been scrapped (cut-and-shut)

vehicle check - cloned car
Your new car is no longer yours !!

You never got a vehicle check so you didn’t know you bought a cloned car, or that the car had outstanding finance on it.  You won’t know until the police come and take it away, and there will be nothing you can do !!


Why do I need a vehicle check ?
A vehicle check will check the history of the car you want to buy to ensure that it has not been stolen, cloned, ringed, clocked, written off or has no outstanding finance against it.

What are the risks if I don’t get a vehicle check ?

The car could have been written off or stolen.
Almost half a million cars every year are reported by insurers to be too badly damaged to be repaired safely. However, some of these cars find their way back onto the roads. The HPIcheck website states that on average 4 in 100 cars that they check have been written off by insurers.

Some 375,000 vehicles are stolen in the UK every year. HPI check identifies nearly 30 stolen vehicles every day. Many are sold as ‘bargains’ to unsuspecting buyers. If you buy a stolen car and the police trace it to you, you may be able to prove you purchased it legitimately but it will still have to be returned to it’s rightful owner and you will have lost your money.

It could have outstanding finance against it.
Over 7 million vehicles are purchased in the UK using some form of finance.
Outstanding loans against vehicles is the biggest risk when buying a car. HPIcheck website states that 24 out of 100 cars they check still had a finance agreement in place against the car.

If the loan remains unpaid when you purchase the vehicle, you will not acquire title to it (you will not own it), nor will you be protected by the ‘Sale of Goods Act (1979)’. The finance agreement will state that ownership of the vehicle remains with the finance company until the loan is paid.

Is it clocked or cloned ?
Clocking is when the mileage on a vehicle has been altered so it appears that the vehicle has done less miles than it really has. Vehicle checks will identify if there are any discrepancies with the mileage history.

Cloning (or ringing) is when a genuine car has its identity copied onto stolen vehicle. Meaning that there will be 2 or more cars on the road with the same identity. You could end up purchasing a stolen car, and when the police eventually find it they will take the car in order to find the criminals and return it to its original owners.

A vehicle check will check against all these things and will ensure that you do not loose money or end up driving you and your family around in an unsafe vehicle.

What do I need to perform a vehicle check ?
You will need the registration of the vehicle as well as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or Chassis number. The full check from HPI costs about £40, but there are other companies around.

Online vehicle checks.
A HPI vehicle check should also include the HPI Guarantee which provides up to £10,000 reimbursement of financial losses should you suffer arising from inaccurate or incomplete information provided by HPI as part of the HPI Check.

I have had vehicle checks done or provided to me for almost every car I have ever purchased. I have paid for them myself when buying from private sellers, and when I have purchased a car from a garage I have either asked for a copy of their vehicle check report or asked them to pay for one before I parted when my hard earned cash.

You have to ask yourself what type of garage would not already have a HPI check for a vehicle or would not be willing supply one for a prospective customer.

Vehicle checks are very easy to obtain nowadays, you can telephone and buy your report over the phone or even simpler you can perform the check online in the comfort of your own home.

There is no such thing as a cheap vehicle check. You want to find out as much info about your new purchase as possible, so don’t cut corners on a cheap car check. The money you spend on a FULL check will be well worth it, it will give you peace of mind that you will not be loosing money on your new motor.

– See more at: http://www.carbasics.co.uk/what_is_a_hpi_check.htm#sthash.hwC1GWTq.dpuf

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