What is a Q Plate ?

We are referring to registration numbers on cars that begin with a ‘Q’.

The ‘Q’ shows that the vehicle was either not originally registered in the UK and proof of age was unavailable at registration, or that it has been built using a significant proportion of used parts.

If a vehicle has to be rebuilt, say after an accident and many new or used parts have been used that it calls the identity of the vehicle into question, the vehicle needs to be registered on a ‘Q’ Plate. This is done through the DVLA. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the vehicle, just that it’s original identity cannot be clarified from the parts it is made from (i.e. from different vehicles)

Kit cars usually have a Q registration and this is perfectly normal, but on other vehicles, it suggests that their full history may be difficult to trace.

“Q” numbers are non-transferable, meaning that they must remain with the car. You cannot transfer them to another vehicle, and you cannot purchase another number plate for the ‘Q’ plated vehicle.

Before you purchase a vehicle with a ‘Q’ plate, it is very important that you obtain a HPI check to ensure that it is not stolen or ringed and registered correctly with the DVLA.

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There is more information on the DVLA website at www.dvla.gov.uk/vehicles/regrebil.htm

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