What is the correct tyre pressure

Why do I need the correct tyre pressure ; 

– help your tyres last longer and save you money

– improve car safety and handling / grip on the road

– reduce the risk of a blow-out

– make your car more fuel economic and save you money

So you have a couple of options regarding checking your tyre pressure ;


correct tyre pressures a) pop down to the local petrol station and use the one on their forecourt. Usually they are free or about 20p. These will allow you to check the pressures and if they are too low you can pump them up straight away.


  b) Purchase a tyre pressure guage or even better a tyre inflator.
These will run off your cigarette lighter, and although they are not as fast as the petrol station forecourt ones, you can at least fit one of these in the boot of your car.I have even used them to get me out of trouble with a slow puncture. I got a slow puncture whilst on holiday (camping) and there was not a petrol station or garage around and I did not have my trusty can of ‘tyre weld‘ (tyre repair) in the boot.   However I did have a ‘tyre air compressor’ that we were going to use for pumping up inflatable camp beds with.  It just about did the trick, I managed to get enough air into the tyre to be able to drive the car to a tyre garage and get the slow puncture sorted out.

Some experts say that it pays to check your car tyre pressures every week, and research shows that tyres under-inflatted by 20 per cent (about 6psi) increases tyre wear by a whopping quarter !! and fuel consumption increases by three per cent – and tyre life is cut by nearly a third.



So what is the correct tyre pressure for my car ?
Kwik-fit have a page online where you just type in your cars registration number and it then tells you what the correct tyre pressure should be – CLICK HERE

So all-in-all, tyre pressure is very important and can save you alot of money or could even save your life

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