What is Tyre Weld / How to use Tyre Weld

No one wants a tyre puncture, but they do always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times.

Tyre Weld is something that should be kept in the boot of every car incase of emergencies.

It is basically a can of sealant / foam that is used to fill the tyre via the air valve to temporarily seal the puncture and get you out of trouble.

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Tyre Weld by Holts
Holts Tyre Weld at Amazon – about £5.99


I always keep a can in my boot and it has proven to be an invaluable tool.  Just think of all the inconvenient times when a tyre puncture could occur ;

– got your best clothes on (don’t want to change tyre)
– throwing it down with rain and you don’t want to change a tyre
– you never quite got around to (or forgot) replacing that spare wheel and you don’t have a spare
– it’s dangerous because you are on a busy road and you could get hit changing the tyre

You may well have all the tools and knowledge on how to change your tyre (see article
How to change a wheel), but it just may not be a suitable time for you. A can of Tyre Weld will have you back on the road in 2 minutes and you will still be clean !!

How to use your can of Tyre Weld ;
It is emergency tyre repair in a can that will be suitable for small punctures caused by the likes of say a screw or a nail.  Here’s a quick ‘How-To’ ;

1) make sure you and the car are in a safe place,
2) read and follow the instructions on the can,
3) unscrew the dust cap from the tyre valve,
4) Attach the can of tyre weld to the tyre valve (screw on),
5) Press the button on top of the can and you should see the foam going through the clear tube and into the punctured tyre,
6) Eventually all of the foam will have been forced into the tyre so put the dust cap back on the tyre valve, be patient. this can take a few minutes,
7) when you first drive the car, drive slowly, and the turning of the wheels will displace all the foam around the inside of the tyre. This should then seal the puncture.

Tyre Weld - easy puncture repair
Simple, clean, easy and quick to use – good for most tyre puncture repairs.

8) you now need to ensure that the tyre is inflated to the correct pressure, so if you don’t have
your own tyre inflator you will need to find a garage. (See article What is the correct tyre pressure)

9) The car should now be OK to drive with until you get the tyre replaced. You should get the tyre replaced as soon as you can.

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