What you cannot include in your posts

There are certain things that you will not be allowed to include in the posts you submit to us.  If you include these things, they will not be approved and will not appear on the website.

– Do not include links of any kind to your business, eBay shop, affiliate links or social media pages etc within the post content.  The website will include these automatically via the ‘Author Box’ when you have added them to your Member Profile.  We will manually add extra promotional links such as eBay listings etc. as necessary. The only exclusion to this is when giving credit to extracts of other peoples work.
– Do not use HTML code to make use of iframes, link cloaking, affiliate links, redirects etc. you get the point.

– Do not include any duplicate content within your post, don’t just copy and paste stuff from anywhere on your own site, even your own.  Always make your content as unique and original as possible so that it has the best possible chance of getting good rankings in the search engines. Content found elsewhere on the internet must not be copied and pasted directly and passed off as your own. If you do need to include other writers work (for reference), please make sure to give credit to the originator and include a link to the original work.
– Do not copy other peoples images and photos. Please provide your own, original images and photos in order to protect the hard work of others and improve the quality of our visitors content.

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