Why you should complete your Member Profile

There are 2 reasons why you should to fill in details in your user profile ;

1) Use the profile area to promote your business, such as links to business websites and eBay shops, especially social media links to accounts you hold such as FaceBook, Twitter etc. We use the information you provide to promote your business via certain sections of the website and also via the posts that you submit using the ‘Author Box’ that appears at the end of your posts.

Here is an example of the ‘Author Box’ in action ;

2) The most important people to CarBasics are our site visitors, and it is essential that only quality content is submitted to the website. It is our responsibility to our visitors that the people who submit content to our site have the suitable automotive technical knowledge and expertise to write for them. We must also ensure that no-one tries to take advantage of the site and use it just for advertising via poor quality posts. When you first register as a Content Member, you will get access to restricted content so that you can read more about the advantages of submitting content to us.
Your present access level will be that of ‘subscriber’, and you will not at that point be able to submit posts.

When we have reviewed your Member Profile, we may or may not upgrade your registration level to that of ‘contributor’. We will email you, and at that point you will be able to submit posts to us.

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