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car window tints

Tinting car windows is a popular styling modification.

There are 3 ways to get window tints on your car ;

1. You can pay someone else to do it, the cost varies dependant on the size of the vehicle, how many windows and what type of tint you want.
2. You can also buy your own window tint film on the roll, cut it to size, and fit it yourself.
3. Buy a pre-cut window tint kit and fit this yourself.

We are going to look at options 2. and 3. because with the right tools and information, we can carry out our own DIY window tinting and save ourselves a bundle of cash.

There are many places on the internet now that can supply pre-cut window tints specific to your car.  They come with everything you need to fit them, including cutting knife, squeegee and spray bottle.

Good window tinting kits will come with detailed instructions too.
Have a look at some of the videos that we have selected below.
DIY car window tinting is not as difficult as it looks, just make sure that you do all your preparation beforehand and allow yourself plenty of time.

Add this page to your favourites and when you have purchased your pre-cut or 'on the roll' window tint film, come back and watch the videos again.

Check out the auctions on the right hand side.  Pop over to eBAY and make your tinting job even cheaper by grabbing yourself a bargain  !!


Video explains the UK law in window tinting !!




This video uses normal off the roll window tinting film.  It shows you how to cut it to shape instead of purchasing a pre-cut window tinting kit

This clip shows how to tackle a rear window with complex curves. 

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