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Well the question should actually be what are Lexus style lights, and there-in lies the answer.

There was a new car launched in 1999, the Lexus IS200 and it had some very eye-catching rear lights ;

lexus lights

Little did Lexus know what a large aftermarket trend they would cause, the birth of the Lexus lights, or Lexus style rear lights

Now available for many popular cars as direct replacements to your original lights, and now other manufacturers are putting lexus style rear lights onto their new cars too.
Typically these performance lights have a clear outer cover, red inner lenses with a chrome inner surround.

How difficult are Lexus Lights to fit ?
This is one of the easiest styling modifications you can do yourself.

We have an article on how to fit them, look 'top right'.

Most of the rear light kits that are available today are direct replacements to your original lights. This means that the new lights will fit in exactly the same position, using the same screws or bolts. They will plug directly into your existing wiring loom without any wiring modifications and there will be no need for bodywork modifications.

They normally come with full fitting instructions, to show you how to remove your old lights and fit the new rear lexus lights.

With good quality lexus style rear lights, everything is normally included including the light bulbs. If new bulbs are not including it is probably because you should use the bulbs out of your original lights.

How much are they ?
Sold in pairs, they cost anything from 30 to 200 dependant on your model of car and the style of Lexus lights that you prefer.

What should I look for when I buy ?
There are plenty of cheap imports around now, ebay is full of them. I would suggest buying your lexus style performance lights from a reputable company with a good aftersales service, so that if you are not totally happy or there is a problem with your purchase then you can get it sorted out easily. In the uk, all online retailers have to comply with the 'distance selling directive' which gives the consumer the right to return the goods within a certain period of time for any reason. Check out the websites terms and conditions.

I would suggest buying online as prices are usually more competitive than shops. Online you will get more choice too, as the shops cant hold everything on the shelf.

Advantages of buying online are choice, but as mentioned above you need to get them from a larger more reputable e-shop so that they will be prepared to correct any error or dissatisfaction on your part. The supplier should understand that it can be more difficult for a customer to attain an exact idea of how something will look or fit when purchased online, hence the 'distance selling directive'.

Where to buy QUALITY Lexus style lights
I would strongly suggest you have a look at AMAZON for their range of car styling accessories and other stuff. AMAZON sell good quality stuff, their reputation depends on it, and even the third party sellers on there have to be good, or else they would get kicked off the There are many online shops selling rubbish and that have a rubbish after-sales / customer service - BE AWARE - get recommendations that's always a good idea.

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